About Us

Where most people accept that apparel is something you have to wear to conform to a specific activity or social setting. We design our apparel to act like equipment - working in harmony with the end user.

We see the future as an exciting place where technology allows for more freedom and time. We study the extreme conditions that cutting-edge industrial textiles are used for and adapt them for the benefit of the everyday user. The final product has to be a perfect balance of advanced yet accessible.

Whether our designs encourage a tougher workout, athleticism, creativity, style, entrepreneurship, or just prepare you for an unpredictable day, we are creating the future of apparel. How you use it is up to you.

Our company culture is all about high risk tolerance. We encourage new ideas no matter how crazy they may sound, and we are willing to be wrong if it gets us closer to the next big innovation.
As we explore new designs and technologies, we come closer to creating the perfect apparel that will allow you to operate at your full potential. And we won’t stop until we’ve done that.